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Roto Ray Warning lights are the most effective warning lights on the market. Being placed on either the trucks front grill or bumper, the Roto Ray Warning lights directly warns the drivers ahead of you at rear window level. Roto Rays Warning Lights have been around for over 65 years and are still the most recommended warning lights out on the market.
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Roto Ray Warning Lights
At Fenton Fire we have 3 used Roto Ray Warning Lights listed.
Roto-Ray, LED and Halogen (A2061)
$700- $950 for Complete LED Units Various models and colors available…contact us with your specific requirements.
click here to learn more about our Roto-Ray, LED and Halogen (A2061)
Used Fire Trucks: Roto-Ray, LED and Halogen (A2061)
Roto rays (A2044)
roto ray works great electrical connections included inside the housing. The red lenses could use replacement as the current ones were clear and painted red, but still functions fine.
Sold! call for price
click here to learn more about our Roto rays (A2044)
Used Fire Trucks: Roto rays (A2044)
ROTO RAYS Warning lights have been used on fire and rescue apparatus for over 65 years. ROTO RAYS are three sealed beam lights rotating @ 200 RPM in a horizontal plane that still commands attention in today's traffic. ROTO RAYS Model 200 has three red sealed beam lights. ROTO RAYS Model 200W, available where permitted by state law, has one white and two red sealed beam lights. -Both models draw @ 10 amperes at 12.8 volts D.C. current. -Both modesl are available in four different mounting applications. (Front Mount {Flat or angled housing}, Hidden mount and Pole Mount) ROTO RAYS have an all spur gear drive train with all driven components using ball bearings. The lamp spider is made of aluminum or polished. All housings are made of 16 guage steel. All ROTO RAYS except the hidden mount are available in an all chrome version. ROTO RAYS have been tested by an independent testing laboratory for compliance with applicable California and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards. ROTO RAYS are warranted to the purchaser for twenty-four months from date of service against defects in material or workmanship.
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